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Text Color Html

Change the Text Color Attribute through the WYSIWYG menu bar.

Text Color WYSIWYG Menu

Text Color Html Examples

Colored Text

<font color="#e06666">Colored Text</font>

Colored Text and Background Color

<font color="#ffe599" style="background-color: rgb(61, 133, 198);">Colored Text and Background Color</font>

Google Sites Text Color HTML Code

<font color="#e06666">Colored Text</font>

Google Sites Creates an Additional color attribute for the Text Color tag.

The Inline CSS style attribute can also be used, by clicking the <HTML> button in the Menu Bar . 

The 'color' and the 'background-color' properties can be combined.

<div style="color:#0e06666;background-color:#3D85C6" >Inline CSS- Text Color </div>

Inline CSS