.5. HTML Link

Link Html

Create a Hyperlink or Link directly in Google Sites using the WYSIWYG menu bar. when creating a link, Google Sites provides various options to link existing page / image/ search for pages/recently edited pages , link to an external website or a Google Apps Script.

WYSIWYG Menu - Menu bar


Link Html Example

<a href="http://www.goopal.org">Google Sites Examples</a>

Sites Tips
Google Sites  - HTML Links support the Authorisation Schema / Rich Snippet Markups: rel="author"rel="publisher" and rel="me".

Use the rel="nofollow" for external Links on your Google Site . It can also be combined with the Authorization Markup rel="me nofollow".

Do NOT link directly to Google Plus/Twitter or Facebook etc.. from your Homepage/ Main webpage .

HTML Link Attributes

<a href="http://www.goopal.org" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Link</a>

Google Sites Creates an Additional href attribute for the link tag,along with the other attributes.

Other Attributes:

  • target
  • rel
  • title

<a href="http://www.goopal.org"    target="_blank"  rel="nofollow"    title="Goopal">Link</a>

Authorization Schema - Rich Snippet Markup

Google Search Results - Rich Snippet Example:

Google Plus Profile Photo -on the Left-hand side of a Google Search Result - Rich Snippet .

More recently used attributes include rel="author" for social networking and Rich Snippets in search engine results.

Verify your Email in Google Plus. Their are full public/privacy/Circles options.

There are several different types of Rich Snippet.

Rich Snippets Highlighted 

For a particular page you would like to show Google Plus Rich Snippet.

Include the following rel="author" attribute in a  link to your Google Sites contact or about webpage.

Then, Use rel="me" to link to your Google Plus page from your Google Sites contact or about webpage.

Rich Snippet SERP Result

How the Rich Snippet look in SERP [Search engine Results Pages].

Once you have tested your Rich Snippet is visible with the Testing tool above.