16. Headers

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Headers Html

Any Google Sites text can be formatted as a Header using the WYSIWYG format menu. 

The Header tag is important for Sites Navigation, Google Sites SEO and Named Anchors for Webpages. Heading Sub-Heading Minor Heading

WYSIWYG Menu - Format HTML

WYSIWYG Format Menus

Headers Html Example

In Google Sites, The <H1> header tag is reserved for the Site Title. Each Header Tag creates a unique margin before and after the Heading text automatically.

<H2> Heading - H2 </H2>
<H3> Sub-Heading -H3 </H3>
<H4> Minor Heading - H4</H4> 

Google Sites Headers HTML Code

<H2> Heading - H2 </H2>
<H3> Sub-Heading -H3 </H3>
<H4>Minor Heading - H4</H4>

The Inline CSS style attribute can also be added, by clicking the <HTML> button in the  Menu Bar .

<H2 style="" >Inline CSS - H2</H2>