.1. HTML Font Types & Web Fonts

HTML Font Types & Web Fonts





Font Type Html

Change the font or font 'face' using the WYSIWYG menu bar in Google Sites. A small selection of fonts are avaiable. 

There are also a large collection of Google Sites System Web Fonts available within Google Sites manager. These fonts can only be implemented throughout your entire Google Site .

[m+g] Manage Site > Colors and Fonts

These Google Sites System Fonts can be used Site wide without the need for additional HTML Tags/CSS.

Type WYSIWYG Font  Menu

Font Type Html Examples

Add fonts directly from the WYSIWYG Menu Bar .

Source -  Normal

Source Normal / Serif 

Font - Courier New

Font Georgia

Font Trebuchet

Font Verdana

Non WSIWYG Example

Manually add your own fonts using the <HTML> button in the Menu Bar .
<font face="Arial"> Font Arial </ font>

More Fonts

Standard Font Type HTML Code

<font face="georgia,serif"> Georgia Font </ font>

Google Sites Font Type HTML Code

Google Sites filters the Font Type HTML code, even when html is edited manually.

<Font  face = "georgia, serif"> Georgia Font </ font>

Google Sites Creates an Additional face attribute for the Font Type tag.

Inline CSS

The Inline CSS style attribute can also be used, by clicking the <HTML> button in the Menu Bar .

<font style="font-family:Arial" >Inline CSS - ARIAL Font</font>

You can create Web Fonts specifically for a single webpage using the HTML Box for Google Sites and Googles' Web Font API Library. 

The Web Font API Library contains many alternative fonts not available directly for a Google Sites webpage.