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Contact Form (Using Mailto Attribute)

Form >> Email (mailto)

Using the Mailto Attribute is probably the simplest way to create a contact form.

The Mailto Link/Attribute  is rarely used anymore because of email harvesters/spammers that can simply find your email if it is visible text on your website.

You can disguise your email like this: info{at}mywebsite{dot}com . But it is really only a matter of time before this method is redundant.

For example, Paypal now has the option of using a ref ID instead of an email address.

The following is an example of a mailto contact form.

Mailto Issues:

  • Mailto maybe Blocked by Some browsers.
  • Customer needs a Email account setup on the computer thay are using. 
  • Customer must change any disguised Email back to normal ( {at} back to @ ).
  • Open to SpamAttacks.

Contact Form Variables that should be modified:
  • background-color
  • mailto
  • subject
More Supported Form Elements Here (Drop-down box, check box etc..)

<FORM style="background-color: #eeeeee" METHOD=POST ACTION="mailto:info{at}mywebsite{dot}com?subject=Google Sites Forms" ENCTYPE="text/plain">
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="username"><BR>
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="email"><BR>
Message: <BR>
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send">
<INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Clear">