Google Sites HTML

Google Sites HTML

HTML- A Markup Language of Hyper TEXT only, this does not include CSS or JavaScript - Although HTML5 has been used loosely used as a term for the latest HTML innovations, CSS3 and JavaScript. 

Google Sites and Google Apps Account (Also integrates Google Sites ) both allow you to create and edit a Sites HTML.

Google Sites HTML & Other Google Sites Examples can be expanded by using the HTML Box allowing more CSS3 and JavaScript than the standard 'HTML' button.


The HTML Box can be used to create more advanced HTML ,CSS3 and JavaScript combinations.

'Google HTML' version . Google Sites creates a filtered version of HTML

The filter also has a HTML Tidy for fixing minor html Errors, but this HTML filter disallows JavaScript and Full CSS on a Google Sites page.

HTML Templates

Custom HTML page Templates can help speed up the creation of repetitive HTML objects. i.e. Headings , paragraph text , image location.


Google Sites provides many WYSIWYG editors , so some smaller tasks can be achieved quickly.

Some WYSIWYG HTML Examples, Inserting an Image or Inserting a link provide a UI (User interface) that add the required html to a page.

Many More editors and UIs are available.

Gadget HTML Code

Some HTML tags automatically convert into a built-in Google Sites Gadget. Here are some Gadget supported HTML tags:


These can be used to support any HTML,XHTML, XML, Javascript, Full Inline CSS.

Online Html Editor

Most of the HTML Examples Shown have a Live Html Editor (and HTML Viewer) so you can try some Html editing online in real-time.

You can also use the Live HTML Editor directly online or try more examples with the HTML Box .