Google Sites Gadgets

Google Gadgets

Google Gadgets can be used to insert HTML, CSS and JavaScript into Google sites. Embedding Google Gadgets directly, is a built-in feature of Google Sites.

Google Legacy Gadgets have been deprecated. 

Google Gadgets Migration

Since the first Legacy version of Google Gadgets and several associated APIs have been deprecated. The Google Gadget Editor no longer hosts the gadget for you sites. It is important to migrate these gadgets.

Google Gadgets - Migration Tool

  • Google Sites Gadgets have there own specific code for controlling and sharing Google Sites.
  • All IG modules must move to *.gadgets modules.
  • Changes to JavaScript Calls

More to come in this Google Gadget section.

Google Gadgets Hosting

Hosting your XML file for your Google Gadget is the same a hosting any file.

  • Google Gadgets Editor [Not Available anymore]
  • Google Code
  • Google Sites
  • Google Drive [Create a Public folder called HTML]
  • Private Servers/Hosting Account

Google Sites Gadgets

Google Gadgets for Linux