Website Performance

Website Speed Optimization

Google Sites takes advantage of many SEO techniques and optimization server tools, to help speed up a Sites webpage performance.

Google Sites - Website Speed Optimization include:
  • Gzip
  • Javascript Minify
  • CSS Minify
  • DNS call reduction
  • CDN [ Content Delivery Network ]

Google Analytics - Load Times

Google Analytics now incorporates Load Times from certain browser samples. [retrospectively since june 2011]

To generate a full sample report there now is a _trackPageLoadTime function for your analytics custom code.

Direct Website Performance statistics will benefit developers and users alike.

For an in dept view of your website and specific speed issues, use the following tools:

Test your Google Site Performance

Website Speed Tools List

Google Code - Website Speed Tools:

Website Speed Tests : - Mobile Device View : - Mobile Site :

This proves the advantage of creating a Mobile Version of your Google Sites.

The Mobile Viewed website is only faster than 40% of mobile websites.

Whereas the Mobile Version website is faster than 70% of mobile websites.