Google Sites Video

Google Sites Video

You must copy the video url first to paste into a Google Site. You can embed videos from Google Videos, Gogole Docs Video and Youtube.

Then simply Insert > Video > YouTube video. If you want videos from other sources you have to get the embed code from them. i.e.Vevo, Daily Motion etc..

You can embed other videos using 

<iframe src="..." />

Custom Youtube Video Player

Creating Video for Google Sites.

The following are examples of video and video control using Youtubeand Other APIs like WebRTC.

Video Time Control

Live Video Streaming

You can produce live streaming and record live using newer technologies such a Google + 'Hangouts on Air' and WebRTC.

Google + 'Hangouts on Air' automatically syncronizes the live video stream to your YouTube account. WebRTC is Peer to Peer and does not require a account/cloud system to connect the audio/video.

WebRTC Video Chat

YouTube Video:

Insert > Video > YouTube 

WYSIWYG Settings:

Paste the URL of your YouTube video
Set Video Size [Size is Set to 250x250]
Set the alignments [alignment set to center]
Set the border on/off [off]
Set the Title of the video [YouTube Video]

YouTube Video