Google Sites XML Feeds (sitemap etc...)

Google API - Ajax RSS Feed

Google Sites - XML Feeds

The following RSS Feeds that are generated by Google Sites. 

Theses are useful for tracking changes in Google Sites and creating alternative navigation Gadgets.

Google Sites - XML Feeds Available:

Place in front 


 + yourpage/ for Pages activity/posts/comments.

  • activity.xml (Entire Google Site)
  • posts.xml (Annoucements Pages)
  • comments.xml (Pages with comments)

Also available is the Sitemap for the Entire Google Site in XML form .

Google Site Links only, unstyled XML using the Sitemap Schema. This is not a Valid RSS feed and cannot be subscribed to as a RSS feed.

This can be used as a sitemap for Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines.

Google Sites - Sitemap




[This [port format - ":80"] May work better for Other Search Engines - Sitemap submission ie. Bing, Yahoo etc..]

Submit Sitemap

Submit your Sitemap to Search Engines.

You can Generate your own Sitemap , if you want to edit your ' URL priorities'.

Google Sites API

Google Sites API provide more complex uses of dynamic feeds and xml files automatically generated by Google Sites.

Development RSS - Google Data Protocol:

Access specific information using Google Data Protocol (Version 1) .

This works on standard search parameters such as ?q=google+rss+feeds

More Advanced queries can be implemented using the Google Data Protocol (Version 2).

Other Development Resources: