Google Gadgets Dashboard

Google Sites Dashboard

Google sites Dashboard is a page template where you can add multiple gadgets.

In Google Apps it is possible make some Gadgets private for user/groups only.

Add Google Gadgets to your Google Site

Simply Edit your Google Site page 

> Insert > More Gadgets

Select from a wide range of gadgets from the Gadget Gallery or Add the specific Gadget by URL.

Insert > More Gadgets > Add Gadget by URL

More Advanced Gadgets:

You can also create your own Google Gadget and publish it to the Google Gadgets Gallery.

Some Popular Google Gadgets get over 20,000+ page-views per day which  can result in viable business opportunities. 

Google sometimes provide grants for further development of Quality Gadgets and Viable Gadget orientated Businesses.

Google Code - Custom Gadgets

Google Gadgets Editor