Google Sites Shortcuts

Google Sites Shortcuts

Using Google Sites keyboard Shortcuts you can Design , Navigate, and Develop your Google Site and access most of the Google Sites CMS controls faster. 

Display ALL Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts are now available for Google Sites.

Press'Ctrl' + /   or  'shift' + /  

[ie.  'shift' + / = 

to reveal all available shortcuts while editing your Google Site:

Enable/Disable Shortcuts

You can disable Keyboard Shortcuts on the top right gear menu.

> "User Settings"
> "Enable keyboard shortcuts".

Keyboard Shortcuts Available in Google Sites

Mac users can use the Command key (⌘) instead of the 'Ctrl' Button for all shortcuts.


Page Shortcuts

Action Shortcut

Edit page e

Toggle page subscription f

Move page Shift + m

Page settings u

Print page Ctrl + p

Delete page Shift + 3

Change page template Shift + t

Preview page as viewer g then p

Revision History g then r

Save page Ctrl + s

Cancel esc

Toolbar Shortcuts

Some Standard keyboard shortcuts combined with text formatting Shortcuts.

Action Shortcut

Undo Ctrl + z

Redo -

Font Type -

Font Size -

[Toggle] Bold Ctrl + B

[Toggle] Italics Ctrl + I

[Toggle] Underline Ctrl + U

Font Color -

Font Background Color -

Link -

Numbered Lists -

Bullets -

Increase Indent -

Decrease Indent -

Align Left -

Align Center -

Align Right -

Remove Formatting -


Other standard Browser Shorcuts are still available to use once they do not conflict with Google Sites shortcuts.

Google Sites Shortcut: Ctrl+S save Google Sites page.
Standard Browser Shortcut: Save browser page to desktop.
OS Shortcuts:  Most Modern Operating Systems support custom Shortcuts for Programs/Applications.

Most Browsers have there shortcuts listed within there respective browser menus.
Ctrl + D for Bookmarking Page.
Ctrl A for Selecting ALL.
Ctrl H for Viewing History.

Caution: Be aware of tab/browser closing shortcuts if you decide to test the A-Z of your browser Shorcuts!

Page-Editting Menu Shortcuts

The Page-Edditting Menu are underlined to indicate a standard Alt Shortcut.

Menu ItemShortcut

InsertAlt + I

FormatAlt + F

TableAlt + T

LayoutAlt + L

Site shortcuts

Action Shortcut

Create page c

Toggle site subscription Shift + f

Share site Shift + s

Manage site g then m

Application Shortcuts

Action Shortcut

Search /

Open shortcut help Ctrl + /

More actions m