Google+ Profile Widget

Google+ [Google Plus] Profile

Social Networks are becoming consistently more advanced, with practical features for communication, like Google Plus Hangouts, communities, Maps , events, Calendar, Youtube & Google Docs Sharing etc... 

In Google Plus you can create a Personal or Business Page and then connect to/from your Google Site.

Once you have a Google Plus Profile , you can add a Google Plus Profile widget directly in Google Sites Sidebar.

Automatic Profile Widget in Sidebar

In Google Sites...

Manage Site > Site Layout > Button: "Add Sidebar Item" 

  • Site Owners 
  • Page Authors

This will create a Link with a Hover - Google Plus profile widget. This will only be linked to the active Google Account used for the active Google Site.

Manually Create Profile Widget

You can also create this widget manually by using a iframe tag. Add the following HTML code to your Google Site.

<iframe src="" height="122px" width="325px"/>

Replace the User ID (uid) parameter that is in your Google Plus Profile URL.

Any Changes you make within Google Plus will be dynamically updated in your Google Plus Widget.

ie. Profile Image, links, Google Talk/Google+ Hangout status etc..

Google Plus Profile Widgets

The UID from your Google Plus Profile URL looks as follows:

Business Page:


Personal Page: