Google+ +1 Button

Google+ +1 Button

Insert the Google+ [Google Plus] +1 button into any Google Site.

The Google+ +1 button adds your Google site to Google+ , you also can share the website directly from the Google Menu or the Google +1 button itself.

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Insert Google +1 onto a Google Sites page

Edit Page >Insert [Menu] > +1 Button

Google +1

Google+ +1 Button Size

Choose the Size of your Google +1 button

and optional counters.
Google +1 counter

Insert Google + into Google Sites

Google+ +1 Button Examples:

When you click the following buttons , the active page will be added to Google+  in the +1s tab.

  • Small
  • Medium

  • Standard

Google+ Circles

Once you have +1'd an active page, you can then Share that webpage within your Google+ Circles directly from the original website.

Google +1 Share Website

  • Once you have +1'd a active page the Google +1 button turns blue.

  • Then you can Share Directly from that page.

  • Add a Comment: eg. 'Google +1 Button for Google Sites
[The Active Page will be automatically be linked below]

  • Use '+Add more people' to add your circles.
Then click 'Share' to add to your Google +.

You can always modify or delete a Shared item in Google + Circles and control what Circles the Shared item is visible in.

Google+ +1 Snippet Image

An example of the image that will be used when somebody +1s a web page. An Image is automatically selected from the web page but can be adjusted on the Google+ post by toggling the preferred image left & right to select.

ie. A Sidebar Image, as it would be the right size and ratio for displaying in image searches also.
[Example: QRcode for]

Sidebar Image

Once you have +1'd an active page, an image is also automatically used from that page. 
When you +1 this page the 'QR' code (Sidebar image) image is used in your Google+ >profile>+1's.

Google + profile +1's

Same also applies to Google+ Circles. Images, Videos Maps and other media are visible when shared through Google+.

Add a large enough image to each page or the Google sidebar for a general image, some logos may be too small.

Sidebar Google +1 button

You also have the option of Inserting the Google +1 button into the Sidebar. A Standard size button.

Edit Sidebar > Add a Sidebar item > Choose a page Element > +1 Button

Insert Google +1 into the Google Sites Sidebar

There is no optional counter in the sidebar
Google +1 counter