Google Maps

Google Maps in Google Sites

A Google Maps is available in directly Google Sites so you can embed exactly what you want - WYSIWYG what you see is what you get.

Google Maps can be embedded directly into Google Sites pages from the Insert Menu for GOOGLE services.

Insert a Map in Google Sites

Insert a Map by Location Name / Address Search
Edit Page [e] > 
Insert [i ]>
'Enter a Location' in the map search
Click search button

Insert a Map by Placemark selection

Edit Page [e] > 
Insert [i ]>
Use the Maps Navigation controls
Zoom in/out & Pan left/right
'Drop a Placemark'

You can edit the Longitude and Latitude text of the Placemark to a more suitable map description.

Select 'OK' when you have the Map you want to embed in your Google Site.

*My Maps is now Map Engine

*Local Business Maps now in Google Plus

Local Business Center' Google Map:
After adding your business information to the local business center.
Do a search for your business in Google maps.
When your business is visible in Google Maps > Link >Embed Code.