Google Apps Script Editor

Google Apps Script is a powerful way to create macros that automate tasks and automate the creation of documents and entries, throughout Google products and services.

The Google Apps Main Editor  and UI editor are available through Google Sites 'Manage Site' Control Panel. The google Apps Script interface is also accessible directly at

Google Apps Script Editor:

Google Apps Script Javascript:

Google Spreadsheets has a Google Apps Script Editor and now so does Google Sites. So any scripts you create in Google Sites and Google Docs are available through both Systems.

The main Language for Google Apps Script is Javascript.

Power of Google Spreadsheets (Javascript Free):

You can also create powerful Google Sites systems without JavaScript knowledge. Just by using the built-in Functions and calculation formulas in Google Spreadsheets.

Date Calculations Example utilizes this power of the Cloud through Google Spreadsheets.

You can insert a Form and a standard Google Gadget (table.xml) into Google sites and you are  ready.

Google Product Connectivity:

Combining Google Apps Script and Google Spreadsheets existing abilities will be incredibly useful many Google sites developers , Schools and Businesses.

Google Apps:

Google Apps is a service that provides Google Sites, Mail, Calendar, Docs and more, in a single Package. Not to be confused with Google Apps Script.

Apps Script Gadget:

Using the "doGet" function which produces a standalone apps script application. 

You can embed the Apps Script directly from the Google Sites Insert Menu onto your webpage.

Apps Script Gadget Example:

Important !

Google Apps Script UI Builder and UI elements are no longer supported!

You can use HTML , JavaScript or jQuery to create these elements.

Apps Script GUI Builder

Apps Script integrated GUI [Graphical User Interface} Builder.

In your App Script Editor in Google Sites/Google Docs.

File > Build a User Interface

Apps Script GUI Builder:

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