Automatic Links - 404 Widget

Changing and Moving Pages:

When organizing a Google Site, you might decide to change or move pages:

  • Change/Move Location (eg. From 'Top Level' to say for example 'Sites Design Examples')

  • Change/Move Hierarchy (eg. From ...Design Examples/Example01 to ...Design Examples/Templates/Example01)

  • Change URL Name (eg. From 'How-to-Design-the-Best-Google-Sites' to 'Best-Google-Sites')

Changing the Title does not effect the structure of the Google Site. 
(eg. If you only Change the name "How to Design the Best Google Sites" to "Best Google Sites" the URL [How-to-Design-the-Best-Google-Sites] will not change. )

404 Widget:

When you have changed or moved the page the Google Index of the old page will still remain.

When someone clicks that page from a Google Search or search engine, the page will not exist anymore. It will produce a 404 - "Page not found Error".

The 404 Widget is builtin to Google Sites.

It will automatically suggest other pages that are similar to the missing page.

Removing 404s from Google Search Index

In Google's Webmaster Tools (WMT) go to 

Diagnostics > Crawl Errors [TAB] Web > Show URLs: "Not Found"
This will show you URLs Not found including other link errors to be fixed.

Again, In a new browser tab open Webmaster Tools Site Configuration > Crawler Access > [TAB] Remove URL
Here you can remove the 404s (Pages not Found) and BAD URLs

In a new browser tab open   and search 
This will show you all pages indexed in the google search.

(If you add a Good URL by accident you can always re-include it in Google Index. In the [TAB] Remove URL >Show: "Removed" {top right} )

All your Google Site Errors may take time to be displayed in Webmaster tools. Best Practice to take note of each page changes and the old URLs.

Re-index Your Google Site:

When you have cleaned up/ rearranged your website. You should Resubmit your Google Site Sitemap.

Your Google Site Sitemap (Feed) will be at (or Google Site address) + /system/feeds/sitemap