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There are many things about Google Sites which can save businesses time and money and development costs.The growing list of features provides enough control for any graphic designer or advanced web developer, looking to create cloud systems within a low maintenance environment .

The Google Sites ( Free Websites from Google ) CMS has many features which include Html editor, GAS Editor - full integration with your Google Docs, Calendar and Youtube etc... you can embed create and develop webpages & websites without any coding knowledge.

Full CMS and WYSIWYG HTML editor.

There are large libraries of sites templates, Google Gadgets, Google Apps Scripts, Apps Scripts Gadgets videos which are searchable internally in Google sites.

The Html Editor has all the standard HTML you will need and you can also edit the html code within your webpages.The HTML is filtered and standardized.

Google Apps Script Editor is built into Google Sites. Google Drive (Docs) and Google Apps features GAS also.

Google Apps Script (GAS) classes allow automated systems 

eg. sites form to calendar to email..

GAS Also provides API integration, mySQL, oAuth [twitter etc..] and continued advancements towards cloud connectivity. GAS can be used for fast standalone Apps (through JSON) which work well on the iPhone/ Android.

New Google Sites Features

The New Google Sites Features which are available in preview and currently still in roll-out mode through Google Apps for work.

New Google Sites Application Here:

Some of the new features of the new Google Sites are as follows.

  • Themes , Templates, Sites Pages & Page Design Layout
  • Embed Sections
  • Embed URL
  • Upload Files & Folders View
  • Material Design Layout
  • Live Collaborate Editing
  • WYSIWYG Drag & Drop
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Google Sites Help Center
  • New Google Sites Help & Updates
  • Google Sites Examples Community

Themes , Templates, Sites Pages & Page Design Layout

Creating Pages is available now from a new editor sidebar. The sidebar has a similar format to Google Drive Addons.

Hopefully we will see the Google Drive addon format introduced into Google Sites Pages as Developer Modules or plugins like on Wordpress and Drupal.

Embed Sections

A new addition to create Sections such as headers and embedded objects. Embed URL automatically adds the required default information.

Embed URL

Adding a reference has never been easier , just like social media the new gogole sites uses meta data like meta description , meta url and meta image to add the most valid information. You can simple toggle control the Title, URL and Image visibility as you require it.

Upload Files & Folders View

Uploading files and folders directly from Google Drive view in the sidebar to Google Sites making the workflow more stream lined.

Mobile View & Responsive Design View

Adjusting the Design view for tablets/mobile is automatic soyou can preview how your sites page design templates,design layouts  & design themes looks.

Material Design Layout

More Material Design elements including more possibilities for Material Motion for Animation and Material Transitions through JavaScript. Material design Layout will help the transition of sites to specific and refined applications , even offline usage as promoted by progressive web apps examples.

Material Design Drawer & 'Hamburger' Menu

Standard Material Design features are baked into the Google Sites layout, with the option of swappiing between a page horizontal layout or a drawer menu with a 'hamburger' menu button to neatly hide web site pages. The 'hamburger' menu button is the default for Mobile view with the drawer pages menu collapsed by default also.

Live Collaborate Editing

Integration of Live collaboration tools across devices, similar to Google Drive Document sharing tools, allow multple users contribute to an entire web site or single page at the same time.

Embedding Images & Direct Adjustments

Easy access and insert and embed stock images through Google search , Upload and Google Drive. Image adjustment tools like automagically adjusting the contrast and hue of an image to promote Title text visibility. Adjustment like smart resize, orientation and cropping are available directly on the sites page.

Private, Web & Domain Pages

Initial Pages are by default private, until published to the Web or Google Apps Domain , very similar to the Google Drive workflow for Drive Documents.

WYSIWYG Drag & Drop

WYSIWYG Dragging and Dropping Rich HTML  content directly while on the Google Sites page editor. Using the Browser Console it is also possible to search and edit the WYSIWYG content quickly using the exact CSS style values and available  HTML attribute controls.

Google Drive Integration

A new feature directly from the Google Drive menu [ will be now where you can create a new Google Sites Page . Web Site and Web Apps Files will be directly integrated with Google Drive like normal Google Drive Documents.

  Google Drive and Google Apps Script  combine with Google Sites solid core functionality to match and rival the best CMS [Content Management] and allow greater possibilities for Google Apps , Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps.

Moving increasingly closer to Mobile Development Professional design and responsive views, Android and iOS integration through Progressive Web Apps Design. Google sites will Enable further Advanced CSS and HTML5 Development in a more intuitive  cleaner User Interface.

More Details on the Rollout of New Google Sites coming soon!

Google Sites Help Center

Google Sites Help Center is built into the user interface directly. This service provides information on how to use the new Google Sites System.

The Full Help Center updates should be available here when public to all users under "Use the new Google Sites (File menu on the right side)"

New Google Sites Help & Updates :

Google Sites Examples Community

JOIN the Google Sites Examples Community to get the latest updates, examples and features available for Google Sites. Join today to collaborate with other Examples Developers for Google Sites integrating many Google Products and services, to create rich UX by Web sites Examples , Google Apps Examples and Progressive Web Apps Examples .

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