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Google Sites Examples

Developing Google Sites ( Free Websites from Google ) and Google Apps (Educational, Business , Enterprise Applications including Google Sites) to demonstrate Site Development Technologies with Google Products/Services. 

From WYSIWYG HTML to Embeddable Google Sites Examples Google Products/Services can be combined, creating powerful results for a single click...

Google Sites

Google Sites - Free Websites from Google

Google Sites Embed 

Google Sites Updates

Create a Custom Google Search for your site and see how quickly you can view more Google Sites Examples. Google Search Examples

SuperGoopal - Hangouts App 

Try the New SuperGoopal Apps

SuperGoopal - WebApp & Hangouts App

to test the latest code for the CAJA system built-in to Google Sites & Apps Script.

CAJA  updates [htmlbox]

The  CAJA [HTML Box in sites] can support CSS3, HTML5 and various JavaScript CDN libraries such as jQuery and jQueryUI. 

Google Apps Script support HTML rendering which can be embedded in Google sites giving the ability to have powerful Cloud Scripting seamlessly integrated.

Google App Script updates

New & exciting APIs in Apps Script include - 
Admin SDK Directory
Admin SDK Reports
Fusion Tables
Google+ Domains
Mirror API (The API for Google Glass)
YouTube Analytics

Look forward to seeing you in the SuperGoopal community. SuperGoopal - Collaborate, Design & Create Super Cloud Systems.

Google+ Photos/Albums Embed

Embed Google+ [Picasa Web albums] Photos and Google+ Photo Albums directly in Google Sites. Synchronize Google+ Photos from Posts Pics and Hangout Pics in your Google Sites Pages.

Google Drive Embed

Comment only access now available for Documents and Spreadsheets etc.. Public commenting is possible through Google Apps Script,  but should be a standard feature in Google Sites.We'll wait and see! A Google Plus Comment Sync is now  live and supported in Google's Blogger system.

Google Sites Themes 
Manage Site [g then m]
'Themes, Colors, and Fonts'
New CSS UI & Layout, More Design control and New Templates

Google Apps Script

Uploading Gadgets for Google Sites:
 Visitors with Google Accounts, Google+ and even Anonymous  Visitors can upload files directly to Google Sites and Google Drive, simultaneously!

Google Realtime API

The new API supports Realtime Collaborations  - ie. Live Collaborations with no system overhead - Multiple User and cursor Support. Now utilized by Adwords Google Support.

The Realtime API [Live API] can be also seen in Google+ Hangouts (Video chat) and Hangouts on Air (Publicily Live Broadcasting)Sites Live Streaming and WebRTC .WebRTC and Youtube Hangouts on air can be added to Sites via an Iframe.
The Chromium Projects are also hosted and presented on Google Sites.
Create Live Video Chat 
within the browser :

Get The Latest Browser for WebRTC 
video & audio chat and support for advanced html code, css and javascript such as HTML5..

Latest Chromium Browsers 
Available for 
Windows/Mac/Android/Linux 32-bit/Linux 64-bit

Mozilla's Firefox :

Related Chromium Technologies :
HTML5 canvas tag support

Advanced HTML [HTML5 - combined CSS, JavaScript & HTML] within Google Apps Script Gadgets , a Cloud Scripting language that can be embedded into Sites. for Example , HTML5 allows Direct Audio and Video embedding , DOM Control , directly into the Caja System also available in Google Sites as the HTML Box.

Google Drive Folder view is supported directly now in google sites.  Also, if want to Google all the things, Google Drive can also host your HTML. 

Google Drive hosted HTML:
-Create a folder 
- Share > 'Publish it on the web' 
- Upload HTML into the published folder.

Some APIs not available in sites can  used as  a code playground for Google Apps Script and the HTML Box, until other APIs are standardized for the latest 'Bleeding Edge' technologies such as Caja [Html box], automatically converting/rendering Javascript into  Secure EcmaScript.

jQuery UI is Now Supported through a 
Html Template Service for Google Apps Script. jQuery UI allows more UI Design & control in Google Sites and Google Apps Script. Google Apps Script can now also be accessed directly through Google Drive Documents and Applications as a single file.

Google Sites Comments

Update: More Notification Features and Google Plus Comments type integration for contact emails. Advanced Comment Management for Google Sites.

More Google Sites Custom CSS editing available through the HTML Box. Some Design Examples using CSS:

NEW Google Sites Rollout!!!

Very Exciting Google Sites update!!!

The rollout of New Google Sites has begun! At present is is available through Google Apps for Work Connect program.

Google Apps for Work Connect

"Sites intelligently optimizes your work so it looks great on desktop, tablet, or mobile. "

Google Apps for Work :

Classic Google Sites

"When the new Google Sites becomes available to everybody, you'll be able to transfer your content to our great looking new platform"

A new era of Google Sites Design, Google Sites Sections, Drag & Drop functionality, Google Groups, Translation, Team Sites and Integrated Sites Collaboration. More Web and Mobile friendly Applications & Direct Google Applications, Progressive Web Apps transitioning , APis will make Google Sites a very strong CMS platform for all skill levels of web design & development.

We will be looking at some of the New Google Sites features here until it's full release to the public.

Google Sites CSS [CSS1 TOCSS3]

Entirely New Section for developing CSS for Google Sites. Looking into the latest  Google Sites CSS from CSS1,CSS2 to CSS3 available for page layout, Sites layout and Google Sites Design i.e. Material Design etc..

Google Sites Examples Community

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Google News & Updates

Google Web Designer [Beta]

The Official Google software for timeline and HTML5 animations etc. GWD - Google Web Designer can be used to create advanced HTML for Animation ,Advertising and General Ninja Sites skills! .

Google Web Designer 

Google Super Proxy

Google Cloud Super Proxy for Live Google Analytics that can be Publicly displayed, filtered and queried . Fast transformation of responses into different formats, allows for display, for example the Google Visualization API. 

[Skip video to 4:10 for Audio]Google Analytics superProxy >>

Google Cloud Prototyping

Google Cloud Playground for Prototyping in App Engine, Compute Engine , Cloud storage, BigQuery, Cloud DataStore, Cloud SQL, also now possible to sync files with App Engine using Apps Script and even more Google Drive Examples.

Login to the Cloud Playground, 
copy from the list of Projects to get started.

Google Apps Release Calendar

Get the latest update information for Google Apps, all in a Release Google Calendar. Google Apps Release Calendar

Google+ Hangouts with YouTube

Create a Video Call directly from YouTube, with the active YouTube video or video playlist.

On a YouTube Video Page
'Share' > 'Video Call'

Then Add more Videos to the playlist to share with Google+ Circles, Emails , Phone Numbers etc...Shared Notifications "...has paused the video/has seeked within the video"

More Information on YouTube Video Call

Youtube TV - LeanBack Application

Quick App Access on YouTube: 

Right click a YouTube video and select 'Pop out' to access Youtube TV  [..and a HTML5 version of Youtube in the Browser] .You need to Authorize the application first in settings, with your Google Account.

You can try it in your Browser, then Pair up Devices and Hardware Control Youtube TV from your Android / iPhone or SmartPhone.

Google Trends Animated

New Update on Google Trends

Google Developers IO - Keynotes and Android Recap 
[New & Gradual Google Rollouts]
Google Music:
 - All Access All Music fixed price per month
Landmark recognition

Google Android
Android Studio Android Alpha / Beta testing 
intelliJ - New builtin editor - code visuals - i.e. color preview

Google+ Photos:
Auto Enhance - Auto Awsome
Photoshop Quality Effects for Google+
" Google+ is your Darkroom "
Growing Photographers community

Google Now
Knowledge Graph Information and Google Now 
- New Information Cards
Voice Controlled Google Search using Artificial intelligence (AI) - Google Now connected/targeted applications for Google Glass and the Mirror API.
Google Maps
 Unique isolated directions - 
seamless Zoom Transition Animation

Google Maps in 3D
[3d Graphics] photo telegrammetry using photosphere - occulus rift applications for stereoscopic Google maps view
realtime time clouds - weather etc..Zoom out to Earth view and solar system view.

More Google IO YouTube Video Reviews and Google IO Examples as they are rolled out.