Google Sites Templates

Google Sites Templates

Full Web Site Templates can be used to jump start a web site project and get a feel for the design and layout of your new site.

Google Sites Template Features

There are two main types of templates as follows.

Other Google Services that integrate with Google Sites can also be created from templates.

Google Sites Design Templates

There are many Professional Templates to choose from in the Templates Gallery.

Google Docs Templates

  • Document Templates (eg. Business Plan, Leasing Contract)
  • Presentation Templates (eg. Monthly Business Report)
  • Spreadsheets Templates (eg. Invoice Template)
  • Drawings Templates (eg. Flow Charts and  Diagrams etc..)
Business Documents can be automated into Business systems using Google Docs build-in feature: Google Apps Scripts .Also available through Google Sites.

Google Gadgets Templates

Most Gadgets use standard Code for submitting to the Gadget Gallery. (eg User preferences and adjustment Settings.)

Some more Advanced Google Apps have been created to Customize the Google Gadget completely.

Template Gallery Examples

Here are some standard template examples for Google Sites. These are the basic templates to get your site started quickly. There are many design options supported through the Google Sites manage site menu.

Custom Template Examples

There many custom template available. Use the google sites search for custom templates to apply, or Google search for templates ' by Weby ' one of the early adopter/developer and a Top Contributor to the Google Sites Community/Forum.