Create a Favicon:

A Favicon is simply a Icon File "favicon.ico" uploaded to the top level of your website.

Once uploaded as "favicon.ico" , Google sites will automatically implement the favicon for your site.

Using Google Docs you can create a drawing design for your Favicon.

Make a copy of the following Google Docs template:

Favicon design tips:

-Use Word Art for Text and Adjust Font Style.
-Keep rounded edges away from Icon sides.
-Use Guides for alignment and "Center on page".
-Use thick edges & simple Shapes
-Use 'shift' + Arrows to tweak object position

Create Favicon:

1. Download your Google Docs drawing as a *.PNG image file.

2. Create Favicon by Uploading your new image to a Favicon Generator:
  • Set transparency... click OK.
  • Add Iphone Icon.
  • Add desktop Icons.

3. Download and Unzip Favicon package.
4. Upload "favicon.ico"  and "apple-touch-icon.png" [for Iphone etc..] to the top Level of your Google site.