Google Sites Design

Google Sites Design

Google Sites Design is a combination of CSS Graphics images, video and many other content format that you choose to add to your Google Sites.

Google Sites CSS (inline)

Interactive Design

Interactive Design can be developed using presentations Google Drive Diagrams , Illustrations and Video and animations, thriough Flash and HTML5.

There are also an abundance of Third party embed such as Flash template , education templates. all add to the Rich content of your website.

Templates for Sites Design

There are many templates Sites Design Examples and Page template to help create the content formatting faster.

It would be Best Practice to try using these templates  to get started quickly with Google Sites.

Sites Design Template & Directory

There is a large selection of templates to choose from when you create a Google site.

Sites Design Templates

Google Sites Mobile View

Google Sites mobile view is increasingly more import for overall Google Sites design. It is available automatically for all Google sites.

Mobile Device Views

Google Sites Design

Page Layout Templates

You can save any Google sites page as a page template to increase your productivity and help you site development workflow.

you can construct a url to bookmark also setting the parent page and saved template page.


Page Layout Templates