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Spreadsheet Table Query

The following of examples of how the spreadsheet table query can be used.

The Spreadsheet Queries can be used internally in Spreadsheet cells or as a standalone URL and also is a core part of the Google Visualization API.

These Queries are based on a subset of MySQL and work very similar to standard PHP Query request supporting URL encoding  where necessary and more recently "+" .


"+"  or  "%20"

for a blank space in between a table query request.

Encoding Example using Plus


Spreadsheet Table Query - Display Bug Fixed.

Output Formats a spreadsheet as HTML


Embed the Spreadsheet Html in Google Sites

Embed the html output in an <IFrame> tag.

<iframe src="..."> Loading Spreadsheet!</iframe>

Filter HTML output by Keyword:

Normal Cell Query Function:

=QUERY(  A1:D ; "Select A ,B,C ,D where C='Contacts' Order by A asc"  ; 1)

select columns ABCD in range A1:D,where C value is equal to "Contacts" , Order the sheet by A asc A ascending, display the first row  ; 1)

Encoded function for table query parameter:



Filter HTML output by Latest Date:

The latest date for a particular item.

Normal Cell Query Function:

=QUERY(A1:D ; "Select C ,max(A) where C<>'' Group by C"  ; 1)

select columns C  in range A1:D and get the maximum column A value, where C is <>'' not Blank [could also use !=''], Group the sheet by C, display the first row  ; 1)

Encoded function for table query parameter:



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