Spreadsheet Examples

Spreadsheet Examples

Google Docs/Drive spreadsheets have many advanced functions. Also available now as an experimental part of Google drive is Google fusion Tables.

Google Apps Script Examples

Spreadsheet service allows you to have refined control from a spreadsheet eg. dates to Google Calendar or mailing lists etc.. Google Apps Script Examples

Using Google Apps Script you can also create your own custom functions using the many services and JavaScript available.

Business Forms

Create  Business Forms  with select boxes and check boxs etc.. that appear as spreadsheet data.

Use Google apps Script triggers to run as function onEdit or on Submit..

Spreadsheet Interactive Gadgets

There are many gadgets available in Google docs spreadsheets to Visualize the data entered.

Combine Query with spreadsheet Data to create filtered  visualization and reports which can be embedded into a Google spreadsheet as a chart or interactive gadget.

More refined control is available with Fusion Tables in Google Docs/Drive. Where you can combine large data set together cross reference and filter results using fusion table built in Visual API feature and Table Query options through a standard UI .

eg Show only the countries with more than 2% GNP growth. [which can be geographically mapped and subsets of information compiled and queried ]