Google Spreadsheet Function Operators & Wildcards

Spreadsheet Function Operators and Wildcards

Google Docs Spreadsheet Operators and Wildcards for use in Google Spreadsheets Functions.

The Character function can be useful within other functions =CHAR().This relates to the 
UTF-8 Character Codes.

eg. =CHAR(38)

Result: &

To input a UTF-8 Character Codes hold the ALT button and type the corresponding code number.

eg. hold ALT type 38

Result: &

UTF-8 Character Code References

Logical Operators

Spreadsheet OperatorCharacterUTF-8 Character Code
 And & 38
 Or | 124


Basic Cell Example:
The '&' character concatenates (joins) the cells A1 and A2 value and text ' ok'

=(A1&" "&A2&" ok")

Hello World ok

Mathematical Operators

Spreadsheet Operator Character  UTF-8 Character Code
...Addition... +43 
...Subtraction...   -45
...Multiplication... *42
 ...Power of...94 

Comparision Operators

Spreadsheet Operator Character  UTF-8 Character Codes

equal to =61
 not equal to <>60 62
 not equal to =!61 33 
 greater than >62 
 greater than or equal to >=62 61
 less than 62
 less than or equal to <=62 61 

Function Wildcards

Spreadsheet Operator Character  UTF-8 Character Code
 * wildcard equivalent  % 37
 ? wildcard equivalent _ 95

Xpath Operators

Xpath within Google spreadsheets uses it's own characters sets, some may vary from Google Spreadsheets. ie. *[alt 42] is used as a wildcard.