Email Campaign Tracking

Email Campaign Tracking

Tracking from email/sub-domains/gadgets/mobile site/facebook/twitter campaign links can be achieved as follows (without Javascript): 

The main 3 parameters are required * for analytics tracking:

* Source (utm_source) Email 

* Medium (utm_medium) PromotionEmail 

Term (utm_term) Sale 

Content (utm_content) Textlink or Picturelink 

* Campaign (utm_campaign) JanuarySale01-01-2010

Email Link Tracking Example:

URL Tracking Builder - Google Analytics Campaigns

Form Elements:

Other tracking:

Checkout and Analytics Tracking

Download Link Tracking Example:

Download Tracking Test:


<a href="" onClick="javascript: pageTracker._trackPageview('google-sites-html-formating/inline-javascript'); ">


Google Analytics - Google Sites Event Tracking: Beta

Event Tracking for Google Analytics.

onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Videos', 'Play', 'Baby\'s First Birthday']);"

Track Specific Events/Links in a Google Site. (eg. Language change , Specific External link/link reference)

background-color Background color adjustment
target="_parent" Prevents window opening within iframe (Google Gadget Area)

<form xmlns="" style="background-color:rgb(255, 255, 0)"><br><a href="" title="goopal" id="HelloWorld" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Videos', 'Play', 'BirthdayVideo']);" target="_parent">Click Event Link</a><br><br><br><br></form>