Form Calculators

Form Calculations

Using Google Docs Forms as submission for a Spreadsheet Calculation.

Google Products  & Services

Many Google technologies can import data from spreadsheets. With the option to publish a Spreadsheet as html, txt, pdf, Atom, and RSS. 

Google Sites
Google Checkout
Google Code
Google Gadgets

Google Earth
Google Maps
Google Calendar

Advanced Spreadsheet Functions

The Spreadsheet itself can even Import Data (Functions ImportXML, ImportHtml, ImportHtml) from other websites.

Google Spreadsheets

Google Functions and Xpath create advanced functions using the built-in library in Google docs, call data directly from sites with Xpath and create Custom functions with Google Apps Script.

Google Apps Scripts is now integrated into Google Sites and Google Docs.

Google Apps Scripts

Google Apps Scripts gives you the ability to create documents, create Google Sites , Automate tasks and call Information from your Google products and Services (eg Google Apps,  Gmail, Maps, Calendar and much more).

Form data

Combining these and the ability to submit Form data from a Google Site , creates a Powerful and Fast Business Solution with the accessibility and control of a Spreadsheet.

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