Form Date Selection

JavaScript API libraries available for Google Sites

Form Date Selection

Update:  Google Docs Forms have been updated to support date input and selection.

Embed Google Calendar

In Google sites you can Insert your own specific Google Calendar.

"Insert" > "Calendar" > Select your specific Calendar

Embed into any html page 

LIVE Google Calendar

Live Google calendar with events.

Google Docs Form and LIVE Google Calendar:

The Calendar selection popup is common on most forms these days (Hotel booking, Airline etc..) 

...Yet Calendars rarely display LIVE information directly on the selection calendar (Sold out flight, Fully Booked Day etc...)

Here is a "Guest House" booking demonstration of a public Google Calendar with Date Information on the calendar selection.

This is achieved by combining the following Google elements:

Required Javascript:
Email Validation
Date Validation
Hidden 'Booked' Date Selection

Google Docs Form and LIVE Google Calendar Example:

Google Gadget Source Code XML (Open and View Source)

"Guest House" - Form and Google Calendar

Google Gadget - Main Goal : 

Live Calendar > Form > Show Price Details > Online Payment Option (with selected details)

Here is a more advanced version with a Date Calculation (From the Live form submission).

JavaScript Form Validation:

You can validate forms within Google Docs even with a manually created form.

Alternative APIs: