Google Sites Uploader

Google Sites Uploader

A Google Sites Uploader allows the user to upload files into a list on a webpage, as if a n Admin of the Site.The uploader can be created in Google Apps Script which can be developed further into a powerful & specific Cloud System.

It is possible too select as Admin - User Mode so the User permission, dictate the permissions allocated.

Uploader Permission

The permissions of the Apps Script Gadget can be set as follows:
  • Private
  • Private Domain - Google Apps
  • Public - Signed-in Google Users
  • Public allowing Anonymous Users

Permission Security

The upload of files should be restricted by a simple pin / Capcha system to prevent malicious robot activity.

The Google Apps Script Gadget can be embedded from the Insert Menu.

Publishing Configurations

An Uploader is harder to debug than other Business or cloud systems so creating a 'Blob' file to test is important. The following is a generic file for testing with a number to make it unique. 

var rand = Math.random()*100000000000000000;
var Blob = Utilities.newBlob("Here is some data", "application/pdf", "FileUpload"+rand+".pdf");

Duplicate file uploads are given a assigned number. to overwrite a file you need find that specific filename to overwrite.

Optional Uploader System Features:

Some important considerations for Additional Features.
  • Select specific filetypes i.e Pdfs
  • Select Specific Folders
  • Create Folder with Pin Number only
  • Upload any File type 'Blob' to Google drive
  • Upload to Sites List page 
  • Notifications for List page / Drive
  • Google User - Logged in 
  • Anonymous - with Pin Number OR Verified Email [Approval System]
  •  Email Notifications or Email Attached File/s
For Security Reasons Once you upload a file a generic pdf file with the Google Sites Uploader, the file will be created in the list below.  In this example the Admin is the Active User. 

Multiple Apps Script Actions

It is also possible to upload to Google Drive simultaneously, or Email , or whatever service / API is available for you to access.

Multiple Apps Script Actions only require a single 'Blob' to be active in the cloud system then the 'Blob' can be define and can be sent, adjusted or edited.

A useful feature would be an Email Notification when a file is uploaded, or attached file/s depending on the Apps Script system required.

Apps Script Gadget - Google Sites Uploader

[App working but publicly disabled by permissions]

Apps Script Gadget - Google Sites Uploader

Sample File Uploaded

Sample File uploaded to the Google Drive Folder.
[Generic .pdf file]

FileUploader Folder for Google Drive Uploader

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