Advanced Booking System

Advanced Booking System

Live Project running a Robust booking system through Google Sites using Google Apps Script, Google Calendar and Google Docs. 

Using Google Apps Script in this way can dramatically reduce the costs/infrastucture for small/medium size businesses.

Some Generic IT Services can charge $200 per month for no where near the customization/control available through Google Apps Script and Googles' Cloud technologies.

Cloud System Examples

These Cloud System Examples Below cover some common solutions within cloud development.

This System and Google Apps Script in general, can be Customized for various booking and reservation systems online.

If you like to suggest a customization or contact us on Google+ [Goopal- Google Sites Examples] to develop your own system.

Seamless integration of all these Google technologies so the final product is 'invisible' for the client.

Fully automated booking system completing the booking cycle, with minimal manual input.

Calendar Events

  • Add multiple Events at once from a spreadsheet
  • [Massive time savings just adding multiple events to a Calendar/s at once]
  • Available Calendar/s [visible to customers]
  • Booking Calendar [visible to admins only]

Booking Form

  • Optional: Pin - Locked form for Invite only 
  • [spam protection]
  • Date selection [calendar popup]
  • Automatic populated events for Selection dates
  • Locked submit button - Prevent spamming

Automated Calendar Entry [for admins only]

Customer Booking

  • Automatic Confirmation Details 
  • Booking Agenda Spreadsheet
  • Reminder Email set
  • Automatic/Manual reminder -Event updates
  • Confirmation - advanced Html Template
  • [Individually Customized Templates from Google Sites- simply maintained by any staff level]
  • Optional Html [Maps- Location- Directions- Charts etc..] 

Cancellation Link and form [reverse cycle]

Client/Admin Management

  • Client SMS notification 
  • Bulk Reminder confirmation Email 

General Trouble Shooting

  • Time-zones  - fixed time selection
  • Translation of Sub-domain and Email Templates
  • Tutorials - Calendar Manual Maintenance 
  • Phone/SMS Cancellations
  • Cancellation Link Directly from Email to auto-populated (with client details ) Form.
  • Deposit Handling - Payment portal integration

Follow up Marketing- Thank You Email - Other Business services - bulk email

Manual Overrides - Calendar - Dates/Times 

File Uploader

  • Select File
  • Select Folder
  • Pin Number for Security
  • Notifications of Upload / Subscribe to Latest Uploads
  • Anonymous Approval System and secure uploadsSimultaneous upload to Google Drive, a Sites List and Email attachment