Super Cloud Systems

Creating Super Systems

Creating automated Business super systems using Google Apps Scripts ( GAS ). GAS can be used through many Google services.

What is possible with Apps Script?

 What is possible!!! Examples of business systems possible through Google Apps Script ?

How far can you connect the desktop/mobile/web/cloud?

How can you really help your Business online?

  • Massive savings on system development. 
  • Inhouse development using GAS 
  • Quality IT systems for small business.

The time/cost savings by automating GAS systems are quite obvious,and the setup and maintenance of the core business systems can also be minimal for business. 

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Super Cloud Systems

Business System Concepts

Developing a 'General' Automated system can be difficult as many developers and client have their own preferences for various features.


' real world ' aka Live Web Systems and Concept System Ideas.

  • Booking System 
  • Automated Direct Mail System 
  • Automated Business Reports 
  • Business Documents to website 
  • Automate Presentation 
  • Business Templates
  • Business Contacts 
  • Automated Invoice attachment 
  • ...from spreadsheet template
  • SMS
  • Calendar events 
  • Muliple events 
  • Email reminders
  • Database control mySQL JDB etc..
  • Google APIs charts Ajax etc..
  • Social Networking - facebook twitter api oauth
  • Google+ Activity 
  • Google+ Circles
  • Google+ +1s
  • Google+ Business Page
  • Google+ Marketing
  • Google Search
  • Google Labs

plus much more...super cloud scripting systems

Apps Script Guide

What Features would YOU like to see in an Automated Cloud System ?