Library of Apps Script Snippets & Objects - LASSO

Library of Apps Script Snippets & Objects


Library of Apps Script Snippets & Objects

Apps Script Snippets as a Service

Creating coding snippets is the cornerstone of the Google Apps script world, making it increasingly more accessible for JavaScript and many other coders to jump in quickly and return incredibly powerful cloud scripts. Google Sites is also an essential core cloud platform to launch and reference LASSO development.

Asynchronous Spreadsheets that can be used as _database_ type storage up 10GB [max file size] in Drive now. With many Google APIs a huge part of any project or organisations structure.

Google Apps Script Snippets for fast reference when developing GAS projects and user interfaces.

Lasso Quick References: 

Apps Script Snippets as a Service
Some of the services that have great LASSO potential.
  • Base
  • Calendar 
  • Contacts
  • Language
  • Mail
  • Maps
  • Properties
  • Sites
  • Soap
  • Spreadsheet
  • UI
  • URLfetch
  • Utilities
  • XML 

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Library of Apps Script Snippets & Objects

Apps Script Snippets { LASSO } as a cloud scripting fast-prototyping service will be developed through SuperGoopal Apps and the SuperGoopal.Similar to Software as a Service [SaaS] there are many exponential opportunities beyond the world of IT solutions moving towards the internet of things.

The huge LASSO Library can be used to learn Google Apps Script through component frameworks such as web components and polymer.

Join the SuperGoopal community for more development updates & public releases.

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Lasso Maintenance & Configurations: 

LASSO spreadsheet templates for control, draft, debugging & demonstrations

Generalized Catchall solutions integrating Update, Triggers and Filter views for Data Maintenance.

Some concepts for development in the SuperGoopal Lab & Apps.

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Object Snippet Development & Concept:


populate checkbox
populate checkbox with sites and pages

create webpage
send email
create calendar event
create map directions
get range from spreadsheet
get last row from spreadsheet - form submissions 
set properties

Create HTML UI user interface inline

UI standalone URL - doGet function - apps script gadgets

popup window
popup panel
external link
forms elements

Populate Selectbox - All Sites {by title, name}
Populate Selectbox - All Calendars {by title, id}

Google Gadget / iGoogle Modules and Elements
yahooo User Interface - elements - YUI additional ??? ie calendar interface for selection

translate documents
multilingual chat interface - utility

tab bar
map locator
auto date
assign task
JDBC example
form submit trigger
play a video ?

change color
login for gadget

url fetch
search variables