Picasa Web Albums


Picasa Web Albums has been upgraded to Google+ Photos. all Photos from Picasa Web have been Synchronized with Google+ Photos.


You can sign-in with a standard Google Account or Google Apps Account.

Google+ Photos

Google+ Photos has a buit-in photo editor and many other features such as Auto-Awesome which automatically corrects contrast, saturation, hue etc.. to produce a superb photos.

You can also Customize Picasa Slideshows and Add Picasa Photo Gallery to Google Maps/Panoramio.

Picasa Photo Gallery

Google Sites can also load Images from your default blogger.com account through your google account. 

A CDN [Content Delivery Network] like Picasa Web albums/Google+ Photos will help increase your sites web performance.

Embed Photo Slideshow

In Google Sites, Go to the Insert Menu > Picasa Slideshow Then go to your Picasa Gallery for the URL. 

Picasa Slideshow Example

Gardening & Allotment

Browser Fullscreen

You can create a gallery browser fullscreen link for you slideshow. 

Copy the link in your picasa account.