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Google Plus - Stream Live Hangouts

Google Plus AccountGoogle Plus allows you to stream Live 'Hangouts' or 'Hangouts on AIR' for the LIVE version .The Live stream is recorded and synchronized with your YouTube account.

Live Video Gallery

The Video can be also displayed through the Live Video Gallery on YouTube.

YouTube Live Broadcast Gallery

Google Plus - LIVE Streaming

Google Sites - Insert Video / Embed Code

Once you have created a Hangout on AIR, you can promote by link or embed in Sites and Blogs/Vlogs.

You can embed the generated code on your Google Site with the HTML Button . 


Copy the URL and paste it directly onto your webpage.

Insert > Video > Youtube

Google Plus - Live Streaming Setup

Once you have a Google Account or gmail etc.. you can setup the LIVE streaming on your account.

Enable you Google Plus for Live Streaming

New Google Plus account may not be "enabled" for LIVE streaming immediately. As it is a "Roll out" program for Regular users of Google Plus. 

> Login/go to Google Plus

> Click "Start a hangout" Top right

> Click "Enable Hangouts on Air"


 Read the full Terms & Conditions that apply to LIVE broadcasting on Google Plus/YouTube. You may only broadcast your own content or content with full written permission and not third party material, Read all the details in the full Terms & Conditions.If you break these your Google Account may be closed or suspended.

> If you Agree to the full Terms & Conditions for LIVE broadcasting...

> Invite your Circles or +IndividualNames to join you in the Hangout and start Broadcasting LIVE your Hangout on AIR.

Google Plus - Some Hangout on AIR uses

Once you have the relevant permissions where necessary, here are some LIVE broadcasts you could create:

  • LIVE Tutorials
  • LIVE Lectures & Classes
  • LIVE Screencast [Google Plus has a built-in Screensharing ablity]
  • LIVE Vlogs
  • LIVE News
  • LIVE Gaming [Some Games are available through Google Plus but you can also screen share]
  • LIVE Sports
  • LIVE Virtual Tour Guide & Sightseeing
  • LIVE Business Development [Some Apps available for Business solutions]
  • LIVE Office Tasks [Google Docs is available through Google Plus]
  • LIVE Consultancy
  • LIVE IT Support

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