Forum - Google Moderator

Forum - Google Moderator

    Important  Update    

Google Moderator has been Dropped. Google+ Community post can also be embedded on Google Sites. You can post a Quick Survey with Comments,an image,  Image Galleries , Web Sites etc... through Google+ Personal Profiles, Collections, Business Pages and Communities.

Have a look at the New Goopal - Google Sites Community. Everybody is free to Join & Contribute. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Live content for the Community.

Google+ Community - Google Sites Examples

The Google Moderator System allows you to embed a Forum into your Google Site.

Ideas can be submitted and voted on.

Google Moderator iFrame 
Use the full URL in an iFrame

<iFrame src="" />

You will need to be signed in to your Google Account.

Google Moderator Gadget

Embed the Following Gadget xml and add your New Forum URL:

Insert > More Gadgets > Gadget by URL :