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 Some new features available:
  • Voice Chat
  • Video Chat
  • Group chat

Download Talk Chat

Google Talk and Google Chat Plugin:  Download the latest Version

You can quickly setup your google chat badge here.You will require a Google talk or with a general Google account you can add it to your iGoogle page.

Download Google Talk Software
Add the Google Talk App ( + plug-in) to your iGoogle page or GMail account.


Google+ 'Hangouts on AIR' and YouTube LIVE Video Embedding.

If somebody clicks the chat badge when you are available. (With the Badge the User Does NOT have to be Logged in to their Google account, they can chat as a guest)

When your have your iGoogle page open, It will 'ring' to let you know someone wants to chat.

The title of your iGoogle page will also scroll a message, if that page is not active.

When a second persons starts a chat, a second window will open in iGoogle.You can add more people to the chat by clicking the + button.

Google Talk Badge
Google Talk Badge for your Google Site
Firefox Gtalk Sidebar

Google Gadget for Google Talk:

Insert > More Gadgets > Search "Original Google Talk" (With the Google Talk Gadget the User MUST be Logged in to their Google account Online to chat.)
You can open a pop-out chat window with the following gadget:

Update: Google+ Hangouts now replaces Google Talk

Google Plus Hangouts

Google Talk  integrates and connects directly to your Google Gmail and/or Google Plus contacts.

Live Video & Document Sharing

Google Plus Hangouts [with extras] has many features.
  • Live Video Sharing
  • Google Docs Sharing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Documents
    • Tables
    • Diagrams
    • Google Docs Video
    • etc..
  • Youtube Sharing
  • Notepad

LIVE Broadcasting

Google Plus - LIVE broadcasting with 'Hangouts on AIR' Hangouts on AIR is now publicly available!.

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