Google Code - Custom Gadgets

Creating Custom Gadgets:

Google Gadgets is good way to create more functionality for your Google Site. (On the Right is an example Google Gadget using Flash and XML.)

There are many Google Gadgets you can Insert directly into your Site. You can also set user preferences for most Google Gadgets for different pages.

Creating your own Google Gadget gives you more control over the final application you require for your Google Site. Google 

Gadgets also allows you to add Javascript to Google sites.

Google Gadget Editor:

Google gadget Editor (GGE): [page view]
Add the gadget Editor (GGE) to iGoogle:

- Gadget Preview may not be compatible with some browsers/devices.

- Gadget Preview
Supported by the Firefox Browser. 

Simple Google gadget:

Copy & Paste the code below into the gadget Editor.
Save as HelloWorld.xml > Click the saved link and copy the address.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ModulePrefs title="hello world example" />
<Content type="html"><![CDATA[
Hello, world!

In Google sites > Edit a Page > Insert > Add gadget by URL > paste the address.

View Google Spreadsheet through a Gadget:

In Google sites > Edit a Page > Insert > Add Gadget by URL > paste the address below.

Click the Gadget to Modify Properties anytime 
Data source url (required) 
Add a (Google Docs) Spreadsheet URL (Supports xls files in Google Docs).

Google Docs spreadsheet Example URL:

(If the spreadsheet does not appear, try logging in to your google account OR press F5 to refresh the page)

Spreadsheet with Google Functions and Xpath Information (Renders as Text)

Advanced Spreadsheet Control

Remove Google Gadget Caching:

  • To prevent Caching while Developing you Google Gadget add ?nocache=1 to the end of your *.xml Gadget URL.
  • If you still have browser caching issues, Try to give each update a NEW Number:
( eg. add ?x=1 to your *.xml , then edit, 
  then replace with ?x=2 ...and so on)
  • If you still have browser caching issues, rename the Google gadget with a new version number (eg. mygadgetV02.xml)
  • If you still have browser caching issues, delete your browser cache files.
Deleting your entire Cache will Log you out.