Google API Examples

Google APIs Examples

A list of many Google API [ Application programming interface ] available. Throughout this website there are examples for embedding through various methods in Google Sites. 

Some methods require Google Apps Script , Google Drive directly or the HTML Box [uses Caja - secure Code embedding system] for inserting CSS , JavaScript and Advanced HTML.

Some Google APIs are available to use without an API Key. Google Apps Script and the Google API Console contain many API for Cloud Development and advanced sites.

Google API List

Grey Text indicates deprecated APIs, these APIs may still be supported or moved into new Google APIs or Google Products.

Google Account Authentication
Google AdSense API
Google AdWords API
Google AJAX APIs
Google AJAX Feed API
Google AJAX Language API
Google AJAX Search API
Google Analytics
Google App Engine
Google Apps Script API
Google Base Data API (Labs)
Blogger Data API (Labs)
Google Book Search APIs (Labs)
Google Calendar APIs and Tools
Google Chart API
Google Checkout
Google Code Search Data API (Labs)
Google Contacts APIs
Google Custom Search API
Google Data Protocol
Google Documents List Data API
Google Earth API
Google Finance Data API (Labs)
Google Friend Connect APIs (Labs)
Google Health API
Google Mapplets
Google Maps API
Google Maps API For Flash
Orkut Developer Home
Picasa Web Albums Data API
Google Safe Browsing APIs (Labs)
Google Secure Data Connector
Google Sites Data API
Google Spreadsheets Data API (Labs)
Google Static Maps API
Google Wave API
Google Webmaster Tools Data API (Labs)
YouTube APIs
Google + API
Google + Hangouts  API

Google Drive API
Google Realtime API

Google Realtime API 

Live Collaboration - Shared cloud documents - multiple viewers , multiple cursors, Google + Hangouts supported- Google + hangout  API available via API console.

Google Sites JavaScript using 

the Google API Library.
Supported directly in the HTML Box for Google Sites

Google APIs and Cloud System Scripting.

Google API Examples