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Some Flash support embed methods have been deprecated in Google Sites . Use the iFrame SWF embed method.

Flash Lightbox:

A simple Flash Lightbox for Google Sites.

Using Flashvars to Display the Large Image in 
True Fullscreen (Monitor Size). 

Flash Lightbox Example:

Google Sites Flash Example using the Fullscreen Flash parameters.

True Fullscreen:

Flash Lightbox Images (from Picasa):

<img src="http://lh3.ggpht.com/_6mcw4h6MS60/SprjaFPI2zI/AAAAAAAAADk/Ee8oo4cE5C0/s128/CIMG9617.JPG"><br>
True Fullscreen:
<embed src="http://www.goopal.org/flashlightbox.swf?attredirects=0" id="fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true"
flashvars="img_src=http://lh3.ggpht.com/_6mcw4h6MS60/SprjaFPI2zI/AAAAAAAAADk/Ee8oo4cE5C0/s800/CIMG9617.JPG" height="16" width="16">

You can align the Preview Thumbnail Image and SWF Embeded 'True Fullscreen' button using Google Sites Embed properties.

Flash Lighbox (Pros & Cons):

  • Direct Flash Embed (No Google Gadget required for Images)
  • Flashvars calling the Larger Image (Large Image Loaded on Demand)
  • No Internal Javascript
  • No SwfObject (No External Javascript )
  • No External CSS
  • True Fullscreen (Not just in the Browser window)
  • Compact SWF (Less than 1KB)

Disadvantages: (Required Features)
  • No Gallery/Slideshow (Possible in future SWF versions)
  • No Automated image tagging with rel="Lightbox" or rel="Lightshow" etc..
  • CSS styled for Image Mouse Over 
  • Only Supports Jpeg Images (Other Image formats/SWF/Text/HTML possible!)
  • Dual Screen Support

Flash Fullscreen Properties:

The folllowing Flash or Flex properties can be used to control the true fullscreen Aspect Ratio.





Lightbox from iFrame:

Using Flash Lightbox in a iFrame . It is also possible to have a lightbox , because of Flash's True (monitor/s) Fullscreen.

Flash scaling needs adjustment and callback for Single, Dual and Multiple  Monitor support.

[iFrame: App Engine for jQuery code. Any webpage can be used.except a Google sites webpage]

Insert Google Sites iFrame:
<iframe src="http://www.website..."/>

Other Flash Development 

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