Video Presentation


Google+ 'Hangouts on AIR' and YouTube LIVE Video Embedding.

To Create a Video Presentation/Tutorial with an Index of Steps or Chapters, we need the time control of the YouTube Video. 

This would be very useful for Google Sites Tutorials. Capturing a single video /screen-cast and sub dividing it into Steps or Chapters.

Using the Custom Video Player instead of the Timed Link.

The YouTube Custom video player (Supports Embedding Specific video start times) uses the parameter start= and time in seconds.

The YouTube Timed Link uses the subpage parameter #t= and the time format 1m00s (Not supported for embedding Videos).

So, using an Interface in Google Gadgets (JavaScript required). 

Hopefully we can achieve most of the following 'Video Presentation' Google Gadget Goals:

Video Presentation Goals:

  • A Timed and Named Video Index (eg Step 1, Step 2 etc..)
  • User Settings :
    • Video URL
    • Index Names and Video Start Times : sub-settings Autoplay First Video.
    • Index Names and Button Color Control
    • Gadget Color Control
    • Video Color Control
  • Advanced Features:
    • User preferences and Data Imported from Spreadsheet
    • Multiple Video Presentations (List in spreadsheet) Select Box
    • Close Captions (..advanced Karaoke Style Control- From Spreadsheet)
    • YouTube Embeddable Features (From Spreadsheet)
  • Other Possibilities:
    • Stop Parameter Options & Settings. Viewer Stop Options : Stop at Steps or Play continuous etc...
    • Cue Videos / Timed Playlist / Follow Parameter (Start & Stop - then, continue to play a different Video or different time) - JavaScript Control are available - JavaScript Time Listener ?
    • Google Apps - Full access to Google docs with Spreadsheet Data Template for ease of use.
    • Indexed Step Preview Thumbnails?

Video Presentation Development:

Use the Menu to Control The Video Presentation.

Youtube Javascript API:

Google Code: Code Playground:

Use the Code Playground for Testing Video Embed code or GGE